Welcome to Our Analysis of The LOST Experience!

The television show LOST is in the midst of its fourth season. The show chronicles the lives of the survivors of downed Flight 815 and their experiences on an island in the South Pacific. What is especially significant about LOST is its advertising style, which the creative team named “The LOST Experience.” Instead of solely using commercials to advertise upcoming shows or using online websites and highway billboards to directly market the show, the LOST creative team uses fictional companies and characters in a real world setting to sell the show and its sponsoring products. For example, the creative team casts two major fictional companies within the program, The Hanso Foundation and Oceanic Airlines, as real-life companies; thus, these companies have their own seemingly authentic websites, commercials, and highway billboards. The creative team even writes and distributes press releases for the fictional Oceanic Airlines!

The aim of our project is to highlight the different strategies that ABC uses via The LOST Experience in order to gather a bigger audience for the show and ultimately to make more money. For more information on the history of the LOST Experience, please visit Lostpedia. This site was our primary resource for the project. The other websites and media we used are linked in the text. To view and understand how specific images and media associated with The LOST Experience work, continue reading below!

*Please note that the images and videos in this photo essay are not our own. They belong to ABC, Disney, and their affiliates.


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