The Hanso Foundation Website

The Hanso Foundation Website

The Hanso Foundation website is a Flash site that seems to do very little. There are no links within this page, just a letter from the fictitious Alvar Hanso. The Hanso Foundation seems authentic since there are no links which would cause one’s belief about the validity of the site to waver. Alvar Hanso’s letter thanks his daughter Rachel Blake for her efforts. A peculiarity between this site and another Hanso-related site,, is that Rachel Blake is the supposed creator of the Hanso Exposed site, which is fully against the vile creations and actions of the Hanso Foundation as well as her father Alvar Hanso. This is similar to the subversive advertising as seen on the Oceanic Billboards. Alvar Hanso ends with “Namaste,” which means “I bow to you” in Hindu.

While the Hanso Foundation commercials were regularly airing, this site was famous in the LOST community for being a repository of LOST secrets. The creative team regularly updated the site with easter eggs and messages from the fictional Hanso Foundation and its critics. Towards the end of the third season, however, the Hanso Foundation slipped into the background in favor of focusing more on the Oceanic Airlines advertising campaign.


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