Oceanic Airlines Website

Oceanic Airlines Website

Upon a first glance it is easy to see that this site was left in disrepair after the pre-fourth season “Lost Experience” craze blew over. The announcements section has text overlaying in an obviously sloppy manner showing that the site has not seen an update since the original air date of the Season Four premiere. Aside from the text issue the site looks rather authentic until exploration.

The makers of this website built it with irony pertaining to the show in mind. One may attempt to book a flight, but there is no way to return. That is irony that is easily understood if they watched LOST. All of the flights have been canceled for quite some time and it seems as though the airlines will never reopen, but the site still exist like the remnants of an evolving trend tossed aside as newer fads enter the mix.

The website advertised on the Oceanic billboards, flyoceanicair.com, at one point automatically directed users to this site as well. However, now the flyoceanicair address redirects to the find815.com website that was scribbled across the billboards in graffiti.

The majority of the links on the Oceanic Airlines site no longer work; most will figure out quickly that something is amiss. The “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Statement” link to the Disney website, which ABC who airs LOST is in collaboration with. The website is copyrighted by Touchstone Television in 2005.


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