Hanso Exposed Website

Hanso Exposed Website

Appearing much like a game, the Hanso Exposed website lures visitors in with its futuristic Flash introductions. After giving away an email address and a password, the site allows the user to freely navigate the no longer working site. After logging in, the user is brought to the a page where they may enter in codes to uncover the supposed wrongs of the mysterious Hanso Corporation. There is a problem. There are no links to getting started and no help to provide users a means of recovering codes. The instructions ask the user to find glyphs which can be obtained for codes, but there is still no assistance from the website as to how to find any glyphs. The “questions” section to the right of the login section appears authentic as it provides a sort of FAQ and definitions area for those who may not be up to speed on the lingo or scenarios which unfolded during LOST. This is a great attempt to drag those ignorant of LOST into the loop.

Like the graffiti on the Oceanic Billboards, this site appeals to a younger more subversive audience. The purpose of the website appears to be to unmask the evils of the Hanso Foundation, which is part of a large conglomerate of corporations such as the Widmore Corp. and Paik Industries, and more rebellious, truth-seeking fans and potential fans can relate to bringing down large organizations who abuse their power. The irony of this is that LOST and this site are owned by ABC and Disney, one of the largest corporation blocks in America, and the website attempts to solicit e-mail addresses for profit. Moreover, this site is supported by even more corporations, as evident by links to the Sprite, Jeep, Monster.com, and Verizon websites.


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